Embrace the Cloud….All of it!

With Content.ly, you’re just a few clicks away from making collaborating anywhere in the cloud effective and safe. Content.ly enables you and your users to simply identify, manage and protect your cloud content, regardless of where it resides.

(Re)connect With Your Content

Connect Content.ly with your cloud platforms to enable instant visibility and control of your content from an easy-to-use, centralized interface. Leverage intuitive dashboards to get real-time usage and storage metrics across all connected platforms, and make managing your content a breeze.

Monitor Collaboration Content

Get instant visibility and control of your cloud content from a centralized location.

Accelerate management workflows

Migrate and backup content at a click of your mouse.

Assess your cloud

Easily get a summary of your connection metrics including total volume of data/content (GB), number of files, and storage quota.

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Detect Your Sensitive Content

Discover, classify, and secure sensitive data with Content.ly to effectively manage your content and prevent suspicious user activity.

Pinpoint Sensitive Content

Easily pinpoint where PII, PHI, and other sensitive content lives.

Prevent security violations

Prevent security violations in real-time as content is created, modified, moved or destroyed.

Manage suspicious files

Take downstream enforcement action — alert, isolate or remove policy-violating files.

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Backup and Recover What Matters Most

Protect your content from accidental edits, permanent deletions, or data corruption. With Content.ly, you can easily create individual or organization-wide backups of files, folders, and key metadata to ensure that your users always have ready access to the content they need, no matter what.

Backup and Recover With Ease

Easily backup and restore individual files, folders, and metadata

Standardize policies

Standardize backup and recovery policies across all connected cloud platforms

Access multiple file versions

Automatically create incremental backups to allow access to multiple file versions

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Make Any Move Painless

Moving or consolidating content across your cloud doesn’t have to be a chore. Content.ly allows you to migrate folders, files, and associated metadata between multiple cloud platforms in as little as three clicks. When you need a bit more control, advance migration settings enable you to tailor each migration exactly to your needs.

Migrate at Scale

Scale to meet even the most demanding of migrations, with the flexibility to execute your project at any level.

Intuitive Workflows

Simply drag & drop files and folders you want to migrate.

Preserve metadata

Preserve important content attributes such as authorship and created or modified dates.

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