Why We Exist

Gone are the days when the only choice was for IT to enforce a single, sanctioned platform on users in order to maintain control. Today, users want the freedom to use the best tools for the job, often using business unit budgets, but IT still has to manage and secure these platforms in accordance with corporate policies. That’s why we started Content.ly – to allow users the freedom to collaborate on any platform and IT the control to mitigate risk from a single platform.

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What to Expect

We have big plans! To understand more about the vision behind content.ly, read this article. Soon you will see advanced content scanning capabilities built into the platform so that you can identify where your ‘high risk’ content is living and govern it effectively. Beyond this the sky (well, actually the cloud) is the limit. And, we want to hear from you! Content.ly is a customer-driven platform and we will take it where you want it to go.

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