Introducing Content.ly

Content.ly is a SaaS-based cloud content management app that enables a single point of visibility and control over all collaboration content, regardless of cloud platform. Identify, Manage, and Protect content within your collaboration platforms — all from an easy-to-use, centralized interface.

The Freedom Users Want & The Control You Need

You don’t have to compromise control or security of your organization’s content. Embrace Shadow IT and let your users deploy the tools they need to be productive without enforcing a single, IT-endorsed platform. Content.ly lets users collaborate using their platform of choice, but gives IT a single point of control and visibility across all of them.

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Get instant visibility and control of your cloud content in a centralized location


Scan, detect, and classify sensitive content with exceptional accuracy


Easily backup cloud content and maintain control of important files


Restore critical cloud content to its original location or a new location of your choice


Migrate folders, files, and associated metadata between multiple cloud platforms